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Work as a
voice dubber

If you’re looking for voice dubbing assignments on, we can offer you the opportunity to work as a subcontractor for Optilingua International Group, one of the European leaders for language services.

Here are some of the services that the Optilingua Group offers:

  • DVD : integration of images and multilingual text and sound into the same medium
  • Audio dubbing of video reports, interactive presentations, slides, website content, etc.
  • Messages for answering machines and telephone switchboards
  • Dubbing of programmes and podcast and videocast recordings

If you can offer this type of service, go to our homepage where you’ll find a presentation of our Group and instructions for sending in your application to work with the Group as a subtitling subcontractor.

Remember to select the “voice dubber” page when you’re asked to specify the types of services you’re offering. You will need to enter an application for each type of service.


We draw the attention of the service providers who work for the Optilingua group or contact Alphatrad to become providers, that the company ALPHATRAD MAROC/ALPHATRAD MOROCCO, which illegally uses our logo to recruit translators, has nothing to do with our companies.

We recommend paying particular attention to payments for which we are not responsible for in any way.

Our legal services have filed a complaint with the National Police of Spain. Here is a copy of the complaint.


A company using our Group’s name is placing orders with translators who are then never paid.

This is a case of identity fraud and fraud against translators.

The company is sending out order forms using the address

Our Group never places an order with any translator using a Gmail address: we always use our domain names, or Translators must be registered in our translator base, and any translator who is registered in this base is informed of this by email when he/she is admitted.

It seems that we have identified the person responsible for these actions; to verify this, we intend to appoint a company specialising in cyber-crime and to press charges when we have sufficient evidence.

If you receive a suspect order using our heading, please refuse the order and let us know by email on

If you have been cheated by this company, please send us full information so that we can add it to our complaint.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information.