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If you would like to become one of our suppliers, send us some information about your services and your fees using one of the following links. Select one speciality only, the one that best reflects your profile.

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    We are currently unable to accept any further applications from translators. We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you are a sworn translator or would like to offer other language services, please do so on the corresponding website.

  • If you are a professional phone interpreter:
  • If you offer professional transcription services:

Our Group

Optilingua is an international group that is one of the European leaders for language services, with over 85 agencies in Europe. They work under the Alphatrad, Traducta or Viaverbia names, depending on the country.

Subsidiary in France
Alphatrad France SAS
Alphatrad France - Optilingua International
Subsidiary in Switzerland
Traducta Switzerland SA
Traducta Switzerland - Optilingua International
Subsidiary in Germany
Alphatrad Germany GmbH
Alphatrad Germany - Optilingua International
Subsidiary in Austria
Alphatrad Austria GmbH
Alphatrad Austria - Optilingua International
Subsidiary in Spain
Alphatrad Spain SL
Alphatrad Spain - Optilingua International
Subsidiary in Portugal
Alphatrad Portugal Unipessoal
Alphatrad Portugal - Optilingua International
Office in Belgium
ViaVerbia Belgium
ViaVerbia Belgium - Optilingua International
Subsidiary in Luxembourg
ViaVerbia Luxembourg
ViaVerbia Luxembourg - Optilingua International
Office in Luxembourg
Alphatrad Luxembourg
Alphatrad Luxembourg - Optilingua International
Office in Netherlands
ViaVerbia Netherlands
ViaVerbia Netherlands - Optilingua International
Office in the United Kingdom
Alphatrad UK
Alphatrad United Kingdom - Optilingua International
Office in Italy
Traducta Italy
Traducta Italy - Optilingua International
Office in Denmark
Alphatrad Denmark
Alphatrad Denmark - Optilingua International
Optilingua International

The central procurement department for all the companies in the Group (except Switzerland) is in the Paris Region. Subcontractors are paid at 30 days end-of-month after receipt of the invoice. We provide services to over 35,000 clients, using 3500 language services professionals who work only into or in their mother tongue.

We have four production platforms in Paris (France), Madrid (Spain), Lisbon and Guimarães (both in Portugal).

Frédéric Ibáñez
Chairman of the Optilingua International Group